FAUCI Fridge Deodorizer & Freshener

Ideal freshening performance
Our innovative air purification material contained in this freshener can actively eliminate various bacteria and mold on the food and in the air, and deodorize various unpleasant odors.
The disinfection and deodorization performances have been authenticated by the authoritative test organization.

No ozone, 100% safe
It generates no ozone. (Ozone threatens health. Ozone destroys the environment.) SGS safety tests show non-toxic, harmless to human beings.

Easy to use, long-lasting
No electricity required, easy to use. Sterilizing 7*24h and up to 180days.


FAUCI Fridge Deodorizer Freshener

FAUCI AAPG Material contained in the Deodorizer is developed with our proprietary technology

It can release gaseous air purification substances slowly and continuously up to 180 days.

Deodorizing by Decomposing Unpleasant Odors

Deodorizing by Killing Bacteria and Molds

All Kinds of Food Fresh

100% Safe and Environmentally Friendly

We say NO to Ozone

Ozone Threatens Health
Ozone Destroys The Environment

Ozone is highly irritable, and inhalation of excessive amounts of it is harmful to the human health.
Inadvertent contact can cause irritation and damage to the skin,eyes,respiratory tract,and even the central nervous system.
The ground-level atmospheric Ozone layer is one of the main pollutants that affects air quality and can cause a more serious greenhouse effect.

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