FAUCI Car Air Purifier(Deodorizer & Freshener)

Distinctive and powerful deodorizing performance
If there are always some unpleasant odors in your car, and you have tried a variety of products to get unsatisfactory results, then, let our product solve it.
A few hours after our product is put in the car, you’ll be surprised to see that the stubborn odors gone.
You know, this can not be done by other products like fragrance, activated carbon, photo-catalysts, etc.

Suitable for a wider variety of odors
No matter it’s the plastic, leather or other chemical smells of a new car, or the odors of mildew, old, cigarette, human sweat, pet, fish, crabs, or even some unnamed odors, you’ll feel the magic of this product.

Unique three-in-one composite function
1)fast and powerfully decomposing and removing various odor molecules (non-masking, non-adsorption);
2)fast and effectively killing molds, bacteria and viruses. To make the air healthier, and in the meantime, to prevent the generation of mildew and spoilage smells;
3)fast and efficiently decomposing and removing various harmful chemical gases, such as formaldehyde, TVOC, etc.

Continuous purification without stop
No need frequent spraying, no need electricity, It works 7 days X24 hours up to 180days without stop to keep the air in the car fresh and healthy, so to keep the people in the car away from breathing unhealthy air.

Unique technical advantage
The powerful effects of our car air purifier come from the AAPG material which is produced with our proprietary technology. Its effectiveness and safety have been authenticated by the authoritative test organizations.

Welcome business partners
We fully understand that only competitive products with outstanding effects can really bring competition advantages to our business partners, so that they can enjoy continuous and even exciting revenues.
Our partners are now enjoying this advantages. Hope you may join us for a more successful future.

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Providing extra protection against polluted air

  • Completely decompose
  • Widely applicable
  • Does not mask
  • High-effect

Innovative Material AAPG

The active material contained in the car air purifier, AAPG,
is produced with our proprietary technology

It can release gaseous air purification substances slowly
and continuously up to 180 days.

Eliminates Unpleasant Odors
Caused by Human and Animals

Decomposes Formaldehyde

Kills Various Viruses, Bacteria,


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