Air Purification Machine F-30


Intercepts and kills airborne
droplets/Aerosol viruses

A Healthy Life

Comparing To
The Traditional Way

Ordinary Disinfection and Purification Machine

Sterilizes and purifies the
air inside the machine

FAUCI Air Disinfecting Machine

Sterilizes and purifies
the air both outside and
inside the machine

Disinfection Technology

  • TIMELY: Kill Viruses Before It Is Inhaled Or Touched By Humans
    Active release of safe disinfection factors, kill germs directly in the air
  • COMPREHENSIVE: Indoor Comprehensive Disinfection Without Dead Angle Gaseous disinfection factors are distributed indoors with the recirculating air from machine
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY: One Of The Most Efficient Disinfectants
    The efficiency of killing various viruses is more than 2.63 times that of hypochlorous acid
  • SAFE: Safe And Non-toxic To Humans and Animals
    Authenticated by SGS as “no actual toxic” level, and “safe non-toxic substance” tested according to FDA Compliance Policy Guides
  • MULTIFUNCTION: Dual Efficacy In Sterilization And Deodorization Various cellphone models are acceptable.
    Kill virus, bacteria and mold, and eliminate musty smell, human odor, pet odor


How to effectively reduce the airborne transmis-
sion of droplet/aerosol viruses?

Fauci Air Purification Machine

Solves the shortcomings of traditional
disinfection methods

Intercepts and kills airborne droplets/aerosol viruses
Realize real-time air disinfection & real-time prevention and control

Highly efficient

360° All-around disinfection of

the whole space

Chlorine dioxide molecules are actively released in
safe amounts of the gaseous state and dispersed
throughout the room

Tested by a professional medical testing institution,
it only takes 15 minutes to kill all bacteria and viruses
in the air of a 20 square room in a closed-off environment

Safe co-existence of
human and machine

Solved the problem of the limitation of traditional disinfection methods when using UV light and ozone in the public places such as hospitals due to those machines unable to operate with the presence of humans.

Realizes the dynamic prevention and control of air quality and purity anytime and anywhere.

World Health Organization (WHO) certification
Chlorine dioxide won’t cause problems of
carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic

Chlorine dioxide is 5-10 times more effective than other chlorine-containing
disinfectants, and only 0.1PPM of gaseous ClO2 is needed to quickly kill all
kinds of viruses and bacteria, including various mutations or drug-resistant
bacteria and viruses


World Health Organization (WHO) recognized as non-toxic, non-residual, and non-teratogenic, Same as sugar and salt, belongs to A1 level of safe substances;

Approved by the US FDA to be used for food preservation and drinking water treatment;


The chain reaction of hypochlorous acid, chlorous acid, organochlorine and other chlorine-containing disinfectants produces toxic chlorine gas, which is prohibited by the government for air disinfection,Our product don’t have these kinds of materials!

FAUCI AAPG Material contained in the Machine is developed with our proprietary technology

can continuously and steadily release CLO2
and ROS up to 180 days

Safety of chlorine dioxide
Chlorine dioxide is the latest generation of highly effective disinfectant,
it has been widely used as a water disinfectant and food antiseptic additive in the countries around the world

Product Name Fauci Air Disinfecting Machine
Product Model F-30
1) Rate Voltage: AC220-240V~50Hz ,100-127V~60Hz
2) Power: 220-240V~50 Hz(163W) ; 100-127V~60Hz (145W)
3) Effective Area: up to 120 ㎡ CADR: 1000m³/H
4) Sterilization Parts: UVC Light*2 + H13 HEPA*1+Plasma*1
Filters: H13 HEPA filter*1 + AAPG filter + Nylon prefilter*1 + Photocatalyst filter*1
5) Dimensions: 490*365*870mm
6) Net weight: 45kg
7) Color: white
8) Shell Material: Frosted Matte and Full baking varnish machine case
9) Function:
Tuya APP Wifi smart control,
Intelligent purification(Auto),
Air Speed Regulation(F1-F2-F3),
UV Lamp Sterilize, Timing,
Air filter replacement remind, Sleeping,
PM2.5 Value Display, Air Speed display
Real-time disinfection:
Virus removal rate: > 99.9%
Bacterial removal rate: > 99.9%
10) Control Method: Touch Screen, Remote control, TUYA APP(WIFI).
*Airflow direction: Backside-Air inlet, top and Frontside-Air outlet

*The above performance parameters are tested under laboratory conditions with fixed particulate matter or gaseous pollutants as target pollutants.

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