Air Disinfection Sweeping Robot

Applications in
Office buildings, hotels, supermarkets, commercial complexes, exhibition halls, conference rooms, etc.

Applicable ground materials
Indoor soft and hard floor:
Marble\Terrazzo\Vinyl Floor\Carpet\Ceramic Tile\Epoxy Resin\Cement Stand


Office buildings, hotels, supermarkets, commercial complexes, exhibition halls, conference rooms, etc.

Indoor soft and hard floor:


  • Exclusive use of pure gaseous chlorine dioxide slow release and ROS active oxygen technology to quickly kill viruses and bacteria in the surrounding air, decompose and remove harmful gases such as formaldehyde;
  • Support rolling dust push module, no need to change dust push cloth frequently, worry-free operation;
  • Adaptive to hard floors and carpets of different materials, barrier-free cleaning;
  • Retractable handle design, flexible switching between manual and smart mode;
  • Sweeping/vacuuming/dust pushing and other multi-functional layer-by-layer combination, rolling brush + side brush + dust pushing design, no dead corners are cleaned more thoroughly;
  • Scheduled task start time Use with more peace of mind;
  • Minimal operation mode,Accessibility;
  • Breakpoint resume scanning function,Ensure that the assignment is complete;
  • Multi-sensor sensing and precise positioning are integrated, leading the full-scenario and full-stack mobile technology industry;
  • Independent mapping, independent iteration, automatic path planning, real-time coverage, flexible response to complex and changeable scenarios.


Product Dimensions 700(L)*570(W)*850(H)mm
Sweeping width (bilateral brush) 740mm
Highest disinfectant efficiency 1200㎡/h
Rated Voltage 24V
Battery capacity Li-lon 40Ah
Battery Life 2h
Maximum Power 1100W
Rated drive motor power 300W
Rated brush motor power 200W
Rated side brush motor power 25W
Rated suction motor power 560W
Trash bin volume 2.5L
Maximum vacuum 18lPa
Maximum suction volume 2.0m³/minLidar, depth camera *3, top view camera (optional)
Sensor configuration Ultrasonic sensor, electronic anti-collision strip, anti-drop mechanism
Climbing corner
Travel speed 0-3.6km/h
Running noise <70dB(A)


  • Product key feature
  • Automatically locating the pile
  • Automaticallycharging the battery
  • FAUCI Robot Charging Pile is specially designed to extend the battery life of the Robot. Currently applicable to model:FAUCI MAPR 01
  • The charging pile extended the battery life successfully for the robot. When the battery is low, the robot can automatically return to connect the charging pile for replenishment. After the replenishment is completed, it can go back to work immediately.


Product Dimensions 450(L)*420(W)*615(H)mm
Maximum Power 900W
Rated Voltage 110V
Operating Humidity -10℃~+45℃
Operating Temperature 20%~75% RH
Storage Temperature -40℃~+45℃
Storage Humidity 20%~93% RH
Installations requirements Voltage:110V
Electric current:10A
Triplex receptacle outlet

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