How Fauci Air Disinfection Cube Helped People Free and Safe Travel


The World Health Organization has acknowledged there is emerging evidence that the coronavirus can be spread by tiny particles suspended in the air.

An open letter from more than 200 scientists had accused the WHO of underestimating the possibility of airborne transmission.

The airborne transmission could not be ruled out in crowded, closed or poorly ventilated settings, an official said.If the evidence is confirmed, it may affect guidelines for indoor spaces.

“In the community, if we’re thinking about aerosol transmission being a particular risk, then we need to think about how to prevent larger super spreading events, larger outbreaks and those occur in indoor environments with poor ventilation, with crowding and with prolonged close contact.”

We wouldn’t drink dirty water so why do we put up with polluted air? Researchers are calling for a major rethink on our attitude to air quality. Professor Lidia Morawska, from the Queensland University of Technology, says attention to air quality during the Covid pandemic has shown how levels of airborne disease can be reduced.

So for our product FAUCI Air Disinfection Cube, which contains air disinfectant materials developed proprietarily by us, is capable of actively releasing elements, quickly eliminating harmful viruses around person and efficiently to Covid-19, influenza viruses, formaldehyde, etc. It is harmless to the human body as evidenced by well-recognized SGS testing by FDA standard . Consequently it helps block air transmission of bacterias and viruses which is the case for the spread of COVID-19.

Our Cube is specifically designed for people who travel via public transport, especially by airplane, during flu season and this pandemic worrying about air transmission of viruses in a limited and closed space. It serves as a mini air purifier providing cleaner air for a range of roughly 3 square meters.

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Post time: Jul-15-2021

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