Air Disinfection Cube

FAUCI Air Disinfection Cube FAQ


How to use the product?

Answer: Cut and take off the packaging around the Cube, and you can start to use it.

① It can be placed on desks, conference tables, room countertops, student desks, or carried around with you to disinfect the nearby air in real time;

②It can be placed in toy boxes, supply boxes, and storage boxes to continuously disinfect the items in the boxes;

③You can hold it in your hands at any time to help kill viruses or bacteria that may be contaminated on your hands.

How does this product disinfect?

Answer: The built-in disinfection material, FAUCI AAPG Material, can actively and slowly release pure gaseous germicidal substances into the nearby air, killing almost all kinds of viruses or bacteria in the air in real time and quickly.

What is the released bactericidal agent? Please elaborate.

Answer: The bactericidal agent is mainly composed of two substances: pure gaseous chlorine dioxide and ROS (reactive oxygen species).

Chlorine dioxide is an internationally recognized new generation of high-efficiency and safe disinfectant. People usually use chlorine dioxide for sterilization purposes. Its disinfection efficiency is 2.6--10 times that of ordinary disinfectants such as 75% alcohol, chlorine, and hypochlorous acid. Pure gaseous chlorine dioxide can be more evenly distributed in the air in the nano-scale molecular state, so it has a 50--100 times higher disinfection efficiency.


ROS (reactive oxygen species) refers to reactive oxygen particles such as hydroxyl free radicals and peroxy free radicals, which are consistent with the main substances that kills bacteria in the human body and are generated by the decomposition and dissociation of water. The disinfection efficiency of these active oxygen particles is higher than that of pure gaseous chlorine dioxide. Even the most difficult to kill kind of bacteria of endospores existing on Earth, ROS can instantly eliminate. (ROS active oxygen has high activity and a short life span. Only a trace amount exists near the built-in disinfection material.)


What is the principle of the bactericidal agent of this product to kill bacteria, molds and viruses?

Answer: The cell walls, cell membranes and protein bodies of bacteria or molds, will be destroyed through oxidative decomposition by chlorine dioxide and ROS. Viruses are non-cellular organisms and have no cell walls, so they can be more easily decomposed and destroyed by oxidative decomposition.

Therefore, no matter what kind of bacteria, mold, or virus, whether they are resistant or mutated, there is no essential difference in the oxidative decomposition effect on them carried out by chlorine dioxide and ROS.

Specifically, can this product kill COVID-19 and its variants?

Answer: Many countries have officially stated that chlorine dioxide can kill COVID-19 and its variants.

Because testing agencies do not provide COVID-19 disinfection rate testing services for the time being, there is currently no direct product testing report.

However, on February 4, 2020, the National Health Commission of China issued the "Notice on the Emergency Listing of Some Disinfectants During the Prevention and Control of the New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic" and chlorine dioxide disinfectant was listed as a usable emergency product to be used; On February 19, 2005, the National Health Commission of China issued the "Guidelines for the Use of Disinfectants" in response to the epidemic, which listed various disinfectants used to kill COVID-19s. In the list, chlorine dioxide disinfectant is stated as suitable for air disinfection.

Through the above official statements, they indirectly prove the effectiveness of this product in killing COVID-19, and at the same time, ROS has a higher disinfection efficiency.

In fact, the power of COVID-19 lies in its concealment function after entering the human body; it inherently is not that potent on its own. In the external environment, COVID-19 is actually quite vulnerable to chlorine dioxide and active oxygen. The problem is that when it enters the human body, it is difficult to kill and safely absolve with current medical technology.

Compared with similar competing products on the market, what are the differences and advantages?

Answer: At present, most of the similar products on the market actually use low-cost sodium hypochlorite (that is, the raw material of Disinfectant 84), which generates hypochlorous acid through water absorption reaction, and then generates chlorine dioxide and a small amount of toxic chlorine gas (The chlorine concentration only needs to reach a trace concentration of 0.001 mg/L to cause chronic poisoning, so hypochlorous acid cannot be used for air disinfection), or directly uses the same low-cost, ordinary chlorine dioxide material to absorb water to release chlorine dioxide. When the humidity is too high, the concentration may be quickly released, and the attenuation will finish in a short period of time.

The built-in bactericidal material (FAUCI AAPG Material) in the FAUCI air disinfection cube adopts advanced active oxygen technology and bactericidal agent slow-release technology independently developed by our company, which can slowly and stably release safe and efficient pure gaseous chlorine dioxide molecules and ROS active oxygen ions for a long time.


① The disinfection agent of FAUCI Air Disinfection Cube is pure gaseous chlorine dioxide and ROS active oxygen ions, which has a high disinfection efficiency and safety. Other products do not have ROS active oxygen, and there may be gaseous hypochlorous acid, chlorine, and other toxic substances that are hazardous to human contact. These other substances not only have safety risks, but also have low disinfection efficiency; and

② FAUCI Air Disinfection Cube has a continuous effect for 3 months, while other products are effective for only 1–2 months at the most.


Is this product safe to use for humans and animals?

Answer: The trace-level ROS active oxygen produced on the surface of the built-in FAUCI AAPG Material of this product is the same as the most important and inseparable substance in the human body that kills viruses and bacteria. It is also a natural substance and is within the trace amount range. It is beneficial and harmless to the human body.

Regarding ClO2, it isn't one of the major three risks (carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic) and has a safe--level of disinfectant. Chlorine dioxide disinfectant has been confirmed for long-term scientific experiments and repeated demonstrations, and is recognized as ideal to use in medical and health, food disinfection, antiseptic preservation, drinking water treatment, etc. According to the management standards of China National Food and Drug Administration GB5749 and GB2760, it can be used as a drinking water disinfectant and food additive. In the occupational environment standards of WHO and national standards of various countries, the upper limit of the allowable concentration of ClO2 in the repeated and long-term working environment is 0.3mg/m³, and the release concentration of our product is fully guaranteed to be lower than this standard;

At the same time,  FAUCI Air Disinfection Cube  (the built-in FAUCI AAPG Material) has passed the relevant CMA/CNAS testing: the acute inhalation toxicity test conclusion is shown to be non-toxic; the cell micronucleus test conclusion is negative, which means that there is no cell tissue mutation and no genetic toxicity;

FAUCI AAPG Material and related products of this product have been widely used in China and some other countries since the end of 2019 for the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic, and no adverse reactions have been found so far.

What testing and certification does this product currently have?

Answer: Our products have passed the relevant inspections of the internationally networked CNAS registered certification body, and obtained the EU CE-ROHS certification, FDA certification, MSDS certification, Acute Inhalation Toxicity Test Reports, H1N1 Virus Test Reports, Staphylococcus Albus Test Reports, Human Enterovirus 71 Test Reports, Escherichia Coli Test Reports.

What are the precautions in the use of the product?

Answer: ①Be aware to not get the product wet. In particular, it is necessary to prevent contact with clothing, skin, and metal when exposed to water as water will accelerate the attenuation of the material's efficacy. New products can be re-purchased accordingly;

②The built-in disinfection material cannot be ingested;

③It should not be mixed with other alkaline disinfectants or organic substances; and

④ When the sealed bag is unopened, the bag has a higher concentration of the materials. After opening the bag and taking out the product, ventilate for 1 to 5 minutes. After the scent is reduced, it can be used normally.

Do I still need to wear a mask if I use Air Disinfection Cube next to me?

Answer: Masks are still needed in risky environments.

Because of the airflow conditions, the gaseous bactericidal agent released by the product may not cover the mouth, nose and eye area, especially when virus droplets strike at close range or at high speed (such as sneezing), so using the physical barrier of a mask is required; Therefore the product and the mask are best used in conjunction.

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