FAUCI Air Disinfection Phone Case (unique air sanitizer)

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(Our unique proprietary air sanitizer AAPG contained in it)

FAUCI AAPG Material(contained in FAUCI Air Disinfection Phone Case) which is developed with our proprietary technology, can actively release disinfectant elements not only on the phone case, but also into the  surrounding  air, to quickly eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses such as influenza viruses, formaldehyde, etc.


It is harmless to the human body as evidenced by well-recognized SGS testing by FDA standard. Consequently, it helps block the air transmission of bacteria and viruses which is the major cause of the spread of COVID-19.


Our unique Air Disinfection Phone Case can not only protect your cellphone, but also your health, especially during flu season and this COVID-19 pandemic period.

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Unique Mobile Phone Case

with the function of disinfection

1. Sterilizing your hands as you hold our phone case

2. Disinfecting the surrounding air


According to WHO Documents

CLO2 Can Kill Almost All Viruses and Bacteria

Comparison of commonly used disinfectants

Disinfectant Disinfection Ability Air Disinfection Environmentally Friendly / Safety
ClO2 Very Strong Strong Green/Environmental/Safe
Ozone Very Strong No persistence Not environmentally-friendly / Cause skin lesions
Ultraviolet rays Very Strong No persistence Exposure can cause human injury
Chlorine Quite Strong Quite Strong Formation of carcinogens
Hypochlorite Generally Weak Produce chlorine gas to form carcinogens

The surface of FAUCI AAPG Material also generates traces of hydroxyl and peroxy groups which constitutes of

ROS active oxygen particles

rendering higher disinfection efficiency than CLO2


ROS active oxygen particle is the same ROS substance that kills germs in the human body. It is the most efficient natural bactericidal substance in nature.


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