Air Disinfecting Robot

  • FAUCI Air Disinfecting Robot

    FAUCI Air Disinfecting Robot

    FAUCI Air Disinfecting Robot, which integrates floor sweeping, dust mopping functions as well as sanitization and air disinfection functions, is the first of its kind. It is designed for large indoor facilities such as shopping malls, airport, railway stations, hotel lobbies, etc. What’s worth special attention is the air disinfection function of the Robot. The air disinfectant elements is capable of actively releasing elements, quickly eliminating harmful viruses such as influenza viruses, formaldehyde, etc. in the air.


    It is harmless to the human body as evidenced by well-recognized SGS testing by FDA standard. Consequently the Robot helps block air transmission of bacteria and viruses which is major cause for the spread of COVID-19. Right now our Robot is making its own contribution in the fight of business recovery from this pandemic worldwide.

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