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An Innovative Company

Shanghai Fauci Technology Co., Ltd is an innovative company aiming at developing and providing air disinfection and deodorization products to meet people’s increasing demand for high-quality air.

We’ve successfully developed an innovative material “FAUCI AAPG Material”. It can kill viruses, bacteria and molds directly in the air, deodorize the air and decompose formaldehyde,TVOC etc.

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Perfect Facility

More than 100 strict quality control procedures, to ensure reliability and high quality of every product.

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Innovative Gene

With nearly 10 years innovative technology development, Fauci becomes a leading provider of smart security solution.

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R&D Investment Increasing

Fauci has the R&D power for the core technologies with more than 20% invested to R&D annually.

10 years innovative technology

We are committed to becoming a leader in providing truly effective, truly safe air disinfection and deodorization products for the customers all around the world.

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Cooperation with customers

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Capital (Millions) & investment

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Year of experience with pride

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Collaegues & counting

Committed to keeping people healthy & safe

Based on the functions of ``FAUCI AAPG Material``, we developed a series of air purification products for car, fridge, shoes, furniture, pet, senior citizen's rest home, etc. We have registered “FAUCI” trademark in China, Europe and USA, and our products have been well received by the international markets, such as Germany, UK, Japan, etc.

We are the best in the business

Deodorize the air

Decompose formaldehyde



Sterilizing The Air

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