Technological Innovation

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Technological Innovation

Conventional air disinfection uses UV, ozone, or disinfectant spray to kill viruses and bacteria in the air. In each case, people are not allowed to be present at the site of disinfection due to potential harm to their health. Meanwhile, air disinfection machines, which tend to include UV and/or ozone, can only purify the air within the machines, and then let the disinfected air out. The range of disinfection is contingent upon air circulation. Therefore, for me the efficiency of air disinfection is only a direct result of the power of their equipment.


FAUCI AAPG Material, an innovative substance developed proprietarily by FAUCI Technology and featuring a slow release of CLO2 and ROS, which kill viruses and bacteria in the air, enjoys unique advantages as compared with conventional air disinfection methods in that: 1) it causes no harm to the human body; 2) it kills viruses and bacteria directly in the air, without going through the air circulation process; and 3) it blocks air transmission of viruses and bacteria.

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